Qualifications of Membership

The NLSC is looking for U.S. citizens who are fluent in English and at least one other language. NLSC assignments require a diverse membership to support the needs of partner agencies, and speakers of all languages are encouraged to apply. If you are a U.S. citizen fluent in English and another language, are over the age of 18, and strive to use your language skills in the service of others, then the NLSC is looking for you!

Why Join the NLSC?

Online Networking Opportunities

NLSC Members can network with one another on Members-only social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Opportunities to Serve in Language Assignments

Members may be selected to participate in language assignments in the United States and around the world.

Online Resources for Language Education

The NLSC Member site offers numerous language links, articles, and a wide variety of resources for language study and retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are 18 years of age, a United States citizen, fluent in English and any other language(s), and have a desire to use your language(s) in the service of others, you are eligible to join the NLSC!
The NLSC accepts speakers of any language. The languages needed at any given time are defined by the agencies that request NLSC services.
The NLSC offers financial compensation to Members who actively work on an assignment supporting a partner's language need. You will be hired as a temporary federal employee and paid an hourly stipend for time spent working on an assignment, plus reimbursement for relevant travel expenses.
The NLSC responds to federal agencies’ needs for short-term language support. Once a federal agency identifies a need, the NLSC Support Team contacts NLSC Members with the appropriate background and skillsets necessary to fulfill that need. The NLSC Support Team then conducts screening and selection. The NLSC does not offer permanent positions or internships.
Membership of the NLSC is free, and provides opportunities for language sustainment as well as networking with other members from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
The NLSC uses the Federal Interagency Language Roundtable Proficiency Guidelines (the "ILR Scale") in speaking, reading, listening, translation, and interpretation to determine eligibility for membership. We seek people who can achieve professional proficiency ("level 3") in multiple foreign language functions and in English, and require applicants to complete a language self-assessment. Members normally undertake formal proficiency testing in foreign languages prior to participating in an assignment, and appreciate the opportunity to access such tests through NLSC support. Certain assignments may also require formal proficiency testing in English.
The NLSC does not currently offer courses for new language acquisition; language sustainment and enhancement training is available to Members.
The NLSC application package can be completed in less than an hour. Member assignments in the U.S. and abroad range in duration from one day to two weeks, but may be longer.
We contact Members primarily through e-mail, phone, or Members-only social media platforms - so please keep your contact information current.
Most NLSC Members work full-time. As assignments become available, qualifying Members will be informed and can accept or decline opportunities based upon interest and availability. Declining to participate does not negatively impact standing as a Member or access to future opportunities. Members must make arrangements with employers when taking time off to participate in an NLSC assignment.
Depending on the needs of our partners, NLSC Members serve throughout the U.S., abroad, or through telework. Participating in an assignment is always voluntary.
Over more than a decade, NLSC Members have aided in disaster relief across the globe, helped recover the remains of fallen U.S. personnel, assisted victimes of human trafficking, and supported U.S. federal agencies from Vietnam to Senegal.
No, Members are not responsible for travel or accommodation costs while on assignment.
Once the NLSC receives an initial request from the a partnering agency, we query our pool of Members to match assignment requirements to Members' skills. The NLSC staff then contacts eligible Member(s) to check availability and interest in the assignment.

Note that the NLSC may contact you early in the preparation stage of an assignment. As a result, details may be limited at first.